1. Why has Kleeneze chosen Spain as the first country to expand into?
Mainly due to the size of the opportunity. Spain has the largest population of British and Irish ex-pats in Europe (over 500 thousand and growing), which provides a great warm market prospecting opportunity. From there, we can springboard into the wider Spanish population.

2. What products will be included?
We've created a dedicated catalogue of over 520 best-selling products. They include both products from Kleeneze and K Life (K Life items will be marked with the logo).
3. Will the product commission and Sales Plan be the same as the one in the UK and ROI?
Yes, all the basics such as commission, bonuses and Sales Plan movement remain exactly the same. All Kleeneze items are paid at 100%. All K-Life items are paid at 75%.
4. What do I need to operate as a Kleeneze distributor in Spain?
You will need to complete the Spanish registration link and provide your registered Spain address. You will also need a Spanish bank account and an NIE/NIF/DNI number (Spanish identification number). The bank account details and NIE/NIF/DNI number will be required to be entered onto the internet ordering system prior to placing your first product order.
5. Where can I view the terms and conditions for Spain?
Please click here for the English written copy of the terms and conditions. Please click here for the Spanish written copy of the terms and conditions.
6. Where can I view the Business Manual for Spain?
Please click here for the English written copy of the business manual. Please click here for the Spanish written copy of the business manual.
7. How much is the Distributor Service Charge?
The Distributor Service Charge is free for your first 12 months. After the free period this costs €12 every 4 weeks.
8. How can payments be made against my account?
Payments can be made using a credit or debit card. Please note all payments made using a credit card will incur a 1.5% fee. Debit card payments incur no charge. We are unable to accept cheque payments or bank giro payments for accounts in Spain.
9. How are Bonus Points calculated for Spain?
Bonus Points are standard across the business. The calculation for Bonus Points is UK catalogue price divide by 1.2. For clarity the business conversion rate from UK pounds to Euros is 1.25. If you do €187.50 of sales and want to convert this to BP the calculation you need to use would be €187.50 divide by 1.25 divide by 1.2 = 125BP. If you want to convert BP to Euro Price you do the calculation in reverse, 125BP x 1.2 x 1.25 = €187.50.
10. What is the VAT rate charged to distributors registered in Spain?
Kleeneze will charge Spanish Distributors a VAT rate of 20%.
11. What ID cards are used in Spain?
It is an individual's responsibility to ensure they can provide adequate ID to their customers.
12. How can I access the Group Sales Analysis (GSA)?
The GSA will be emailed to each distributor on a Wednesday and a Friday morning. You can access the GSA figures on a daily basis through the EZE tracker on the internet ordering system.
13. Who do I contact if I have a query regarding my account?
You can contact the service centre on 965020882 or via email

Retail and Ordering

1. What are the delivery/handling charges?
€200 - €399.99 = €7.50
€400 - €599.99 = €3.75
€600+ = FREE

2. How many times a week can a Spanish registered account order?
Orders can be placed 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the internet ordering system. The orders will be processed as per the Spanish delivery schedule.
3. Will deliveries be made to non-Mainland Spain (Eg; Balearics, Canaries, etc)?
Not initially, however, as the opportunity expands, it may be available in the future
Please note that deliveries to Gibraltar will not be allowed initially.
4. Will dropship be available?
Initially, dropship will not be available to Spanish Distributors or available for UK/ROI Distributors to dropship to Spain.
5. Is blanket dropping advisable?
Due to Spanish regulations blanket dropping of catalogues through house letter boxes is not advisable, and in some cases, not permitted. However, presenting the catalogue to people at the doorstep is. In both cases, it is the responsibility of the Distributor to find out if any local regulations and restrictions exist and many areas do not allow anyone to pass over the threshold (land perimeter) of a dwelling. Friends and family are always a great source of sales.
6. How do I return items?
Please click here to view the returns policy for Spain.
7. What will be in a Spanish Retail Kit?
The Spanish Retail Kit will contain 50 Catalogues (these can be in Spanish or English) 100 Order Forms (Spanish or English dependent on catalogue choice) and 50 Snap cat Bags for €35
8. Will the sales plan periods and cut off times be the same?
Yes, the Sales Plan calendar will be the same. Order cut off time is 9:15pm.
9. Can a UK/ROI distributor take orders for customers living in Spain?
At this time, UK/ROI distributors will not be able to send product orders to Spain
10. Can a Spanish Distributor take orders for customers living in UK/ROI?
At this time, Spanish distributors will not be able to send product orders to UK/ROI
11. What will the order cut off time be?
The order cut off time will be 9:15pm.
12. Will Spanish-registered Distributors have a trading account?
Yes, throughout the introductory phase, all business trading accounts will be a maximum of €750.
14. Who will be delivering the parcels in Spain?
All parcels in Spain will be delivered by GLS (overseas partners of Parcelforce)

15. Will we be able to track orders in Spain?
Yes. Spanish Tracking details will be emailed to the account holder within 4 working days after the order has been placed.

16. Can I have my order delivered to a different address or have leave safe instructions?
Yes, you can have your ordered delivered to a different Spanish mainland delivery address. You will be given the facility to select your delivery address at time of processing the order. However, all exported orders require a signature and therefore we are unable to accept leave safe instructions.

17. Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, minimum order value will be €200.

Online and eCommerce

1. What services will be available for Spanish accounts?
Ordering Site and all standard facilities and information available to all UK & ROI accounts The DSA will be available from phase 2.

2. Will e-commerce websites be available in Spain?
Initially the K Life and Kleeneze shops will not be available.
3. Are there any restrictions on social media in Spain?
The guidelines around social media remain the same as the UK / ROI. Please consult your business manual for full details.
4. Will I be able to advertise and sell products through social media sites etc. in Spain?
Yes, you can advertise and sell products via social media sites as many people do in the UK & Ireland (then let them have the online catalogue to build a larger local order), however, we advise that you only do this in local groups so you can personally deliver the product to your customer and avoid expensive postage costs.
If you use the Kleeneze brand name in any communications you must state that you are an Independent Kleeneze Distributor.


1. Can anyone recruit in Spain?
Yes, anyone can recruit in Spain; the usual age restrictions apply.

2. Can Distributors in Spain qualify for any of the Kleeneze incentives?
Yes, all the incentives from Sales Plans to Destinations and the Car plan are available for everyone to qualify for. Welcome Rewards are also available with the Spanish catalogue pack as an incentive.
3. Where in Spain can I recruit?
Initially the opportunity will be available in mainland Spain. During the introductory phase, you will be unable to sponsor anyone in the Balearic and Canary Islands. Recruitment is also not available in Gibraltar for the time being.
4. What does the Spanish Starter Kit contain?
The Spanish Starter Kit will contain 50 Catalogues (these can be in Spanish or English) 100 Order Forms (Spanish or English dependent on catalogue choice), 50 Snap Cat Bags and a shoulder bag.
5. What's in a Spanish retail kit?
A Spanish retail kit will contain 50 catalogues, 50 snap cat bags and 100 order forms. The Distributor will be able to choose whether they have English or Spanish catalogues and order forms. During the introductory phase, the catalogues will be €20.
6. Can a Spanish Distributor recruit a UK/ROI distributor?
Yes - however the registration link to the UK/ROI prospect will need to be sent by your nearest UK/ROI upline. Once the account is set up, contact Kleeneze HQ with the all details and the sponsor will be changed to the Spanish distributor.
7. What is the cut off time for Spanish registration?
Registration is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Any registrations completed before 3:15pm will be processed by Kleeneze the same working day. Any registrations from 3:16pm onwards will be processed the next working day. Any registrations from 3:16pm Friday to 3:15pm Monday will all be processed on Monday.

8. How can I send a registration link to Spain?
Please click here to see the guide for UK and ROI distributors. Please click Here for Spanish distributors.